Most Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities only receive correct payments on a small percentage of the insurance claims they submit. One glance at your Accounts Receivables and Aging Report can verify that. At Correct A Bill our analytical experts utilize a highly sophisticated proprietary claim monitoring system that allows us to quickly recognize and adjust claims to make sure that they pay correctly.


Correct A Bill  focuses solely on billing for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities.  By focusing solely on this single, yet very complex healthcare vertical Correct A Bill is able to narrowly tailor its technology and policies and procedures to rapidly adjust to the highly volatile reimbursement rates in the sector.

How It Works


Verification of Benefits


Utilization Review


Claim Submissions




The Verification of Benefits is the first step, and one of the most important aspects, of the revenue cycle management process. If it’s done incorrectly, it can severely impact revenue. At  Correct A Bill  we believe that accurately gathering all necessary data at this point will optimize profitability. In general not enough attention is being payed to the importance of this step in the process. Getting and verifying all the data necessary at the start of the revenue cycle process will streamline every subsequent step in the billing process. Correct A Bill makes sure to quickly and effectively gather all the necessary information to ensure the revenue cycle process begins correctly.


The importance of Utilization Review (“UR”) in the revenue cycle process cannot be overstated. Due to the high cost of client care, proper UR can mean the difference between net profits and losses. At  Correct A Bill we believe that the UR process doesn’t begin with the billing company, but with the clinical staff. That’s why we take a hands on approach where we work with facilities to help them with their documentation and compliance. Correct A Bill  takes pride in its ability to track insurance companies’ ever changing guidelines. Correct A Bill  also understands the importance of proper communication between clinical staff and the UR department. It is the key to the success of this portion of the process.  Correct A Bill  takes the time to interact with clinical staff to optimize correct UR methodologies.


Keeping track of the ever changing rules regarding Claim Submissions to insurance companies is a highly complex and painstaking process.  Correct A Bill  deploys the most sophisticated analytical software to track shifts in the market place and adjust to them quickly.  In a business landscape where the insurance carriers are constantly changing the rules, those individuals able to adjust will thrive while those that don’t will get left behind.  Correct A Bill prides itself in its analytical capabilities to track and adjust to changes in the market place. We believe it is this capability that sets us apart from many of our competitors and helps our clients truly maximize the revenue they are entitled to.


Collections is no longer as simple as submitting a claim and getting reimbursement for that claim. It takes hard work and follow up to get the revenue you’re entitled to.  Correct A Bill uses a state of the art, one of a kind, Live Claim Status Monitoring system (“Patent Pending”) to get the necessary information so our clients get paid quickly and correctly. Correct A Bill is able to rapidly monitor large sets of data and spot any inaccuracies or deficiencies in reimbursement rates. It is this capability that allows us to be on the cutting edge of maximizing revenue for our clients.


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