Analysis of Legacy Claim Data

Most Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities only receive payment for a small percentage of the insurance claims they submit. One glance at your accounts receivable and aging report can verify that. Correct A Bill can help your Center gain an uplift in payments by as much as 363.46%!

Moreover, we can tell you to within +/- 3% how much additional revenue we can achieve for you by rebilling your underpaid claims. Let us help you find money you thought was lost. It doesn’t cost you a thing to get started and find out how much revenue can still be reclaimed. We only make money if you do!


Correct A Bill works by focusing solely in a single, but very difficult, healthcare business vertical. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment fall under Behavioral Health claims and are all under constant assault by ever-changing and highly volatile insurance payout rates.

In an era of heightened regulations and governmental reform, insurance carriers have taken advantage of the last remaining loopholes to maximize their profits. Many of the loopholes that still exist surround the Behavioral Health sector.

Insurance companies are working overtime to pay you as little as possible!

We are fighting for you! Correct A Bill has established a proprietary systematic process for rooting out and reversing underpaid claims. By focusing on reimbursement rates, not claim acceptance rates, we effectively and meaningfully deploy a proven strategy to raise your claims and Accounts Receivable average, helping you become a much more productive and profitable business.

How It Works

Getting started is easy and doesn’t cost you a thing.


Review the points below to determine if you feel your Center is eligible. If so, contact us immediately.


We will sign a BAA for HIPAA Compliance and give you a list of pertinent information that is needed.


We will create a revenue uplift report showing you which of your past claims are eligible for rebilling and how much additional money you should expect from our process.


We agree to engage and begin recapturing your lost revenue.


Not all centers will be eligible. If you think you match this list and are ready to get going, then contact Correct A Bill immediately.


Centers with $1 Million+ in outstanding Accounts Receivable or $10 Million+ in gross annual billings are eligible. At this level, you are likely experiencing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, in underpayment.
Correct A Bill can help you regain this lost revenue.


You qualify if your business is an Out-of-Network Mental Health, Behavioral Health Center, or Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. You are a specialized provider that requires a highly specialized partner. Correct A Bill focuses solely on rebilling insurance claims in this space.


You need to have access to your Accounts Receivable and Aging Reports. You either do your billing in-house or can get access to your records from your current billing firm.


(Out-of-Network Only)
Correct A Bill works with both In-Patient and Out-Patient providers. However we only work with Centers, not individual practices. Centers with an Active Average Daily Census of 50 or more clients over the last year are encouraged to contact us now.


Your Center is experiencing low reimbursement rates from 1 or more major insurance carriers.


The best part is you are never out of pocket any money. Correct A Bill only gets paid by earning a commission on the reclaimed revenue you otherwise would have never received.


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